Model: FSA-5812

Five Star Long Range Directional Yagi HDTV Antenna


Durable Construction. Reliable Connectivity.


Engineered for precision, the Yagi Antenna is designed to deliver long-range clarity with focused reception. Its directional attributes make it an ideal choice for users aiming for specific channels with enhanced signal strength, ensuring a sharp and reliable viewing experience.

  1. Main Unit

2. 40ft Coaxial Cable

3. Installation Kit (Splitter, Cable Nails)

4. J Pole


Cross-phase, Multi-element Design

  • Supports up to 1080i HDTV broadcasts.
  • Receives UHF and VHF channels = more content!
  • Pre-assembled design with easy-lock fold-out UHF reflector and snap-lock elements.
  • Mast, mounting hardware and 75-ohm transformer included for placement indoors or outdoors.

Easy Set Up

  • Connect the antenna’s coax cable into the back of your digital-ready TV.
  • Find the optimal placement for the antenna.
  • Scan for available channels, and you are ready to enjoy your content. 

Adjustable Mounting Pole

  • Reversible Design — Both ends of the J-pole antenna mount can be used. Wall Mounts & Brackets — Best accessory for you to mount your outdoor antenna. With best size design, it can fit most outdoor antennas.
  • Adjustable direction — The mounting pole can be rotated 60° for best reception angle to get strongest signals.
  • Adjustable 17″ Universal Antenna J-Mount Pole. Pole Diameter: 1″ Inches.
  • Easy installation — Comes with all the screws and plastic anchors, super easy to assemble.

UHF and VHF Channels in HD

Antenna Length designed for more stable and strong signal reception, longer and larger receiving elements than any of the other Yagi antennas. Unlike other brand antenna, Five Star antenna has innovation on the structure and powerful reception.


4 Way Splitter, 4 TVs


Installation Kit Package Included

  • One 40 feet coax cable (F-type connectors).
  • One 4-way splitter
  • 15 cable clips.

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