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3806 Installation Guide – Ways to Install for Best OTA TV Reception

FiveStar Outdoor Digital Amplified HDTV Antenna – Up to 200 Mile Long Range, Directional 360 Degree Rotation, HD, 4K, 1080P FM Radio, Supports 5TVs Plus Installation Kit and Mounting Pole.

5809 Installation Guide

FiveStar HDTV Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna -150 Miles Range, 360 Degree Rotation Wireless Remote, with 40FT Coax Cable Installation Kit and Mounting Pole, Supports 5TVs.

1806 Installation Guide

Having problem to install FSA 1806 Outdoor HDTV antenna? This video may help you!

How to Save Tones of Money if You Cut the Cord

The average basic cable subscriber can spend up to (or over) $100 each month. That’s over $1000 each year! Think about $100 a month can go towards – college funds, retirement, dream vacations, car loan, and more!

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