Five Star Amplified Digital HDTV Antenna with Installation Kit and J Pole


Solid. Quite. 

Easy to Install.



150 Miles Range, 360 Degree Rotation Wireless Remote, with 40FT Coax Cable, Installation Kit and Mounting Pole and supports 5 TVs.

  1. Main Unit

2. Power Supply & Control Box, Remote Control (Batteries excluded)

3. 40ft Coaxial Cable

4. Installation Kit (Splitter, Cable Nails)

5. J Pole


360 Degree Rotating

  • Built-in 360 degree rotation with infrared remote control.
  • By pressing the rotating button on the control box, then motor turns 360 degree to pick up the channels widely.
  • LED light on the control box will indicate the Antenna is working functionally: RED Light: Power on/GREEN Light: Antenna is working/YELLOW Light : Check the cable connection

Better Outdoor Performance

  • 5 Receiving Elements and 1/3 times longer than any other antennas to enhance the TV receptions.
  • High quality copper cable to enhance the signal transmission from antenna to the receiver.
  • Special wind proof design to enhance the durability of the Antenna.
  • By using much higher quality material to make this antenna to last longer in all weather conditions.

Adjustable Mounting Pole

  • Reversible Design — Both ends of the J-pole antenna mount can be used. Wall Mounts & Brackets — Best accessory for you to mount your outdoor antenna. With best size design, it can fit most outdoor antennas.
  • Adjustable direction — The mounting pole can be rotated 60° for best reception angle to get strongest signals.
  • Adjustable 17″ Universal Antenna J-Mount Pole. Pole Diameter: 1″ Inches.
  • Easy installation — Comes with all the screws and plastic anchors, super easy to assemble.

4 Way Splitter, 5 TVs

  • Connect the antenna top to the antenna input of the control box using any coaxial cable.
  • Plug the control box power supply into the wall. The control box is the device that you point your remote control at to make the antenna rotate. The control box is usually installed next to your TV set.
  • Connect the control box to your digital TV or converter box if needed. Remember, only old style analog TVs need a converter box.
  • Scan for available antenna channels using the add channels option on your TV or converter box.

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